How climate change is helping Al Qaeda

The Sahel is an environmentally fragile zone that stretches across Africa just south of the Sahara desert.To get a better idea of how climate change can worsen conflict there, GlobalPost spoke with three experts on the topic: Drew Sloan of energy efficiency company Opower, Marshall Burke of the University of California, Berkeley and Josh Busby of the University of Texas at Austin.Their short answer? It’s complicated, but climate change is making things harder for those who live in a politically unstable and economically challenged region.What role is climate change playing in conflicts across the Sahel?“Climate change plays two roles,” says Opower’s Sloan. “When you and your family have been living off the same land for generations and all of a sudden that becomes impossible, the first impact is relocation. But there’s a limited amount of land in the world so we’re going to see more and more skirmish zones.”Continue Reading…

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